An Interview with Christoph Bahrs

Dear Christoph,

please, tell us where you come from and what have you done so far?

I was born in Bremen and grew up in Brinkum, where I returned after more than 20 years. My last job was at the WESER KURIER, where I worked in marketing. My job was to support all business customers in a separate sales area. Before that, I was sales manager and head of project management in an internationally active trade fair construction company for 7 years.


Why did you change to the Brüning Group and what is your job?

To be honest, it was a bit of a coincidence. An absolutely great first meeting with Martina (Head of Human Resources) also had a big impact. I caught Martina shortly before she went home from work and although I only wanted information about the vacant position at first, she spent 45 minutes talking to me. I was very impressed by that. The result of this conversation was that Martina and I thought we would make a good match and she asked me to submit my application immediately. Brüning was very open, warm and friendly towards me. My two interviews and the day I spent getting to know my colleagues also strengthened my feeling that “this is where I want to work, this is where I can make a difference”. In the end, the decision was made relatively quickly that I would become a member of the “Brüning family”.

As Key Account Manager, I have taken over the management of the unit for soil plants and composting plants, replacing Christina Flashar, who is now going on maternity and parental leave.


What appeals to you about the new job?

My motto has always been the Bremen merchant motto “buten un binnen, wagen un winnen” (it means as much as “Abroad and at home” – so in the Hanseatic city of Bremen and far beyond – merchants should “dare and win”). From the very first contact, Brüning made me feel that I could live this motto here and that personal commitment and the will to make a difference are encouraged at Brüning. This is what excites me the most, along with the incredible potential that comes with the job. In addition, sales and customer service are my passion. I love to commit myself to ideas and projects and then see them grow.

In my various jobs, I have always managed to turn customers and suppliers into good acquaintances and friends, and I want to do the same at Brüning.

I will work to ensure that our customer and supplier relationships develop on an equal basis and that we grow together. What also appeals to me is that I can work in a young, dynamic team that pursues clear goals, works hard, but also knows how to have a good party.


What challenges do you face and what are your goals?

There are a few, on the one hand the training period, which is rather unconventional in times of Covid 19, and on the other hand that I am new at Brüning and therefore have to acquire a lot of knowledge. I also would like to make sure that my employees and I are satisfied and that we go home with a smile on our faces in the evening.

And that is exactly one of my goals. Besides the obligatory growth and reaching and exceeding annual or long-term goals, it is this aspect of my work that is close to my heart, both for my colleagues and for me. Going home in the evening, reviewing the day and thinking “today was really fun”. To me, paired with economic success, there is no better confirmation of one’s daily commitment.


Thank you very much for the interview. Have fun and lots of success!