Bark or Wood Chips – The Most Important Thing is Fall Protection

Spring is approaching and it is time to spruce up the outdoor facilities. Especially where safety is concerned, particularly that of children. Soon the playgrounds will be filled with kids romping around again, and appropriate fall protection or shock-absorbing flooring will be worth its weight in gold.

The Brüning Group sells both fall protection chips and its own product, Brüning WONDERFALL fall protection bark 20-80 mm. This is produced at our site in Mölln. Both are purely natural products and, unlike other substrates such as rubber flooring, they are more natural and environmentally friendly.

Bark is very easy to care for and is also suitable for use in wet conditions, as it retains its grip. Wood chips absorb moisture well and transfer it. Slippery spots, puddles and mud thus have no chance, nor does waterlogging, which corrodes the wood of the posts of play equipment. Due to their elastic and flexible properties, fall protection bark and fall protection chips cushion falls and prevent injuries.
Both fall protection products are certified by TÜV according to DIN EN 1176/1177, as they have to meet the corresponding safety standards for playground equipment in publicly operated playgrounds, in kindergartens, in schools, etc. To obtain the certificate, specific treatment is required. The Brüning WONDERFALL fall protection bark is available in grain sizes 20-80 mm, the fall protection chips from our selected distribution partners in grain sizes 5-30 mm and 5-50 mm.

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