New Ways – Waste from Italy to Sweden

In the course of our progressive internationalisation, we have noticed that even the waste flows are becoming more and more international. In the area of waste imports to Scandinavia, we have recently experienced extremely turbulent times. In recent years, waste imports in Scandinavia have been extremely dominated by import volumes from the United Kingdom and Norway. Influences such as Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic made it clear that the supply of waste exclusively from these two countries is more risky than previously thought. The example of the pandemic showed that countries were affected by external influences in many different ways. Various measures were taken and implemented by the respective governments, which, however, influenced the amount of waste generated in the individual countries in different ways.

This led us to the logical conclusion of also considering other countries as supply alternatives. This is because long-term influences such as capacity increases/decreases in individual countries or the influence of import/export taxes as well as changes in the freight market also have a significant impact on waste flows.

Since we at the Brüning Group attach great importance to long-term partnerships in which security of supply and contractual loyalty have a very high priority, risk assessment and diversification are among the most important instruments. For us, this specifically means expanding to several countries with the corresponding logistics solutions. With Italy, we are operating in a stable waste market that can compete with the waste market in the UK and Norway in terms of volume and price if the infrastructure is suitable.

The long-term orientation of the business relationships makes it possible to exploit the full potential for all parties involved. To achieve this, we rely on many different partners in the areas of production, logistics and recycling. The basis for this is good, trusting cooperation and direct communication with many producers in purchasing countries, logistics companies and buyers in the target countries. We use an optimised TFS management system to support this.

Carl Philipp Busch, Market Development & Account Manager in our Copenhagen office, reports: “However, we are also currently facing a long list of challenges. These range from travel restrictions (imposed by Covid-19) that make on-site appointments almost impossible, to cultural and language issues, to, depending on the region, often very different interpretations of the internationally applicable regulations and laws.” However, the deliveries from Italy to Sweden so far have gone smoothly and both the transport company and the power plant supplied are satisfied.

“To ensure that everything continues to run smoothly, we always use deliveries as an opportunity for personal appointments on site to jointly monitor the supply chain and identify potential for improvement. If possible, the potential is then integrated into the ongoing process,” adds Sara-Lisa Wallskog, Logistics & Account Manager. She emphasises that the Brüning Group will expand its commitment in Italy and other countries in order to continue to meet our service requirements in the future.

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Sara-Lisa Wallskog
Logistics & Account Manager

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Carl Philipp Busch
Market Development & Account Manager

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