No Worries with Full Disposal

We are very pleased to report that we have recently signed a full disposal contract with the company Bürstadt furniture from Bürstadt near Worms/Mainz. This involves the disposal of 20,000 t of wood waste per year, which we have now contracted with the Brüning Group.

The wood waste is produced when manufacturing furniture parts from wood-based materials, is extracted by the machines and blown into transport containers. These are removed and disposed of just-in-time. Some of the materials can be recycled. Reliable disposal has the highest priority. The containers must be disposed of regularly so that the plant in Bürstadt can continue to operate.

How did the contract come about? At the end of 2020, just before Christmas, there was the first contact between Bürstadt furniture and employees of our waste wood unit, followed by a visit in Bürstadt the same year to get to know each other. It is very important for us to accompany a project on site during the first days. This enables us to identify and solve initial problems immediately. Here, above all, we rely on intensive communication between the producer, the carrier and the recyclers. This enables and guarantees a smooth process.

We also attach great importance to offering our business partners the best possible service. In our view, this includes providing as many services as possible and necessary from one single source. Bürstadt furniture will no longer have to deal with volume planning and waste statistics, we will take care of that. Our plus – we rely on regional partners for disposal, but in case of difficulties we can always fall back on our supra-regional network to guarantee disposal. We are sure that all this forms the basis for a long-term partnership and look forward to working together in an extremely positive way.