To France!

Markets change. So do the conditions and requirements of the markets. Whether climate change, digitalisation or globalisation, many components require rethinking, thinking ahead – thinking outside the box. This is exactly what we do at the Brüning Group. We are constantly looking for new ways to react even more flexibly to these market changes and to meet future requirements, e.g. the increasing importance of different modes of transport such as truck, ship, sea container or rail.

The focus is on always being able to guarantee our partners reliable supply and disposal. At the same time, we want to push ahead our project of internationalisation in the biomass and waste markets. Having already gained a foothold in various European countries, we are now focussing on our largest neighbour, France. This step represents a logical consequence for us.

The big goal is to establish all Brüning Group products in France in the long term. In the future, our new employee Constance Bourouh, whose profile is a perfect fit for us, will dedicate herself to this.


Dear Constance,
very briefly a few words about you and your background.

I was born and raised in Bremen. I realised quite early that I wanted to work internationally. One of the deciding factors was my fluency in English and French. So I moved to the South of France after my A-levels, because there I had found the perfect course of study for me: International Project Negotiations (a trilingual hybrid preparing me for a job in international business). Seven years later and richer in many new impressions, knowledge and experiences, it was time for me to return to my original home.


What brought you to the Brüning Group?

Before joining the Brüning Group, I worked in international business development. What I particularly like about the Brüning Group is the immense growth and creative potential and yet the collegial working atmosphere is in the foreground. This is the ideal basis for the professional and personal development of each employee and the resulting success of the company.


What is your task now?

My first task will be to establish the Brüning Group on the waste wood and WtE market in France and thus to successfully promote the internationalisation of the company.


What are the challenges and how will you tackle them?

The exciting challenge is to understand the dynamics of the above-mentioned local markets. It is important to show a certain sensitivity and to be alert to cultural differences: business models that work in one country or culture are no guarantee that they will be successful everywhere. Quite the opposite is true. Large corporations have already proven that such “copying” and “pasting” of business models in an international context is usually doomed to failure. To avoid such mismanagement from the very beginning, we strive for a sustainable business development model. In concrete terms, this means developing a good understanding of the foreign market within the shortest possible time in order to finally apply a market entry strategy that is individually tailored to it.
Thank you very much and lots of success – et bonne chance – for your new task!